What is a Loser?

A loser is an average person. Losers. A person you walk by, you don’t even remember you walk by him. That’s what a loser is. A loser is someone who is forgettable and I hear people often average people, say goofy things, which is what they do. That’s their primary language. Say things like, well, why do athletes make so much money? Or do I think that people should receive so much money for athletic achievement? I personally don’t think that’s the case. But as a capitalist, I understand markets, and a market rewards that, which is rare. It is very rare that someone can perform at the physical level of a LeBron James, and for that the market rewards them. The consumer yearns for something exceptional. They yearn to even if they can’t be LeBron, they can at least see LeBron, and they get to experience something that takes them outside of their average, meaningless, mundane existence. You have the opportunity to be LeBron, not of the basketball court, but LeBron of your industry. LeBron of running track, LeBron of the parent Teacher Association. If you’re in the PTA for your kids school, be the LeBron of it. Be the best person that’s ever done that. Get to be the LeBron of whatever you’re doing. The LeBron of podcast, the LeBron of talking to these 30 folks, whatever it is. That’s what you should be striving for. And the reason that most people wanna see LeBron they wanna see something extraordinary is because their life on a daily basis is unextraordinary and they’re escapists. They would like to escape. Some people escape by numbing themselves with entertainment sport. Or they escaped through alcohol and drugs. Let me caution you that. If your behavior demonstrates that you have a love for drinking and alcohol and drugs, if your behavior demonstrates that you have a love for those things, your behavior also demonstrates that you have a hatred for yourself or you are trying to escape being yourself, being inside of your mind and your body. You’re trying to get out of your skin. That’s what drugs and alcohol do. They take you away from your reality. And that is a sad thing, it’s easy to do that. It’s hard to actually make real changes and behavior that lead to the new outcomes. But what I can assure you of is that if you fail to do the hard work today. That work will be piling up, waiting for you. You failed to do the hard work today it will pile and pile and pile every day. You neglect it and it will be waiting for you. And if you don’t come get it, it’s gonna come get you. No such thing as running away from a fight. You’ve only delayed it. It’ll be back. And I assure you, if you keep escaping through alcohol, you will find yourself addicted. And you will find it to be extremely hard to get off of that alcohol and what’s worse is it will adversely impact your brain on a chemical level. You won’t even experience the same levels of happiness that a normal human being experiences because your synaptic gaps will be damaged. The chemistry of your brain will be forever altered. Your sleeping, your ability to sleep soundly through the night will not even be there. Everything you do has an impact. So take today seriously. Take every day seriously when I wake up in the morning, I plan my day and I ask myself in five years, what would be ideal for me? How would I be the happiest I could possibly be? And then I start designing my day to achieve that and I started conducting my activities today in the reality that I wanna have five years from now. You see, so often we think we have to delay, nah live like a millionaire today. Let me tell you a funny story.

Do you understand man’s happiness cycle?

You must know how to work. I knew how to earn, but you must also celebrate and celebrate yourself. Celebrate your accomplishments enjoy good things with good people. Now, today I’m a master of being a wealthy man, which is to say. One who knows how to produce and also one who knows how to enjoy. Tapped out once. Some people I know very wealthy, like they’re saving money as though they’re gonna die and have another life, you know? So, you have to enjoy and have balance. But you must be a serious man. And if you follow my work overtime, you’ll hear me consistent with the concept of be a serious man. Take yourself seriously, take your goal seriously. Not to say I don’t have fun. You following on Instagram. You might see me at target a few times. I go shopping. I really don’t go shopping much, but you’ll see me like riding those shopping carts like I’m an 8 year old boy. God dammit. I’m enjoying it. But all the same, I take myself seriously. I planned out that day. I didn’t just go through that day seeing what will happen. That’s not how men live and I also want to acknowledge those who have been with me for some time. Those who have been loyal. Because I see when people disappear I see when people reappear and who knows why that is? What is certain is that loyalty is truly important. And sometimes you come across a good friend or a good woman and you know I’m gonna be with this person till the day I die. I look back on my life this person will have been a part of my life through all these years and that’s a beautiful thing and that’s a special thing to be a part of something that’s enduring. And that’s what we’re creating the SASN, and it’s called an institution. Institutions last, they outlast individuals.