What is a Loser?

A loser is an average person.

A loser is a person whose existence on earth did not matter.

A loser is someone who is forgettable.

Loser talk: Why do athletes make so much money?

Winners, capitalists, understand markets, and a market rewards that which is rare. It is very rare that someone can perform at the physical level of a LeBron James. And, for that the market rewards him. The consumer yearns for something exceptional. Even if the consumer can’t be LeBron, they can at least see LeBron. That takes them outside of their average, meaningless, mundane existence.

You have the opportunity to be LeBron, not of the basketball court, but LeBron of your industry or pursuit. LeBron of running track, LeBron of the Parent-Teacher Association. If you’re in the PTA for your kids school, be the LeBron of it. Be the best person that’s ever done it.

As a boss, do as few things as possible. Go out of your way to not go out of your way! Either do it or don’t do it. If you can’t or don’t want to be the LeBron of ____ then don’t do it if you can avoid it.

I challenge you to find something that you can be above average at.

What are you above average at?

We all want to feel as though we are someone special? I’m sure your mother told you are special, just like mine, but it’s a lie most of the time. You have one of two tasks now. If you need to write out a list please do. Make a list of what you are above average at currently. If that list is empty, then make a list of what you believe you can become above average at with practice.

What can I do that no one else can do? The answer to that question could lead you to great fame and fortune or could lead you to higher self esteem.

You’ve been lied to. You’ve been told that we are all equal.

Being above average should always be a minimum for you. That is to say everyone else’s baseline is your minimum. If you go out and jump rope and the average person can jump rope for like 3 minutes try to get to 4 minutes. If the average person can run 2 miles, try to run 3 miles. Compete! Compete with yourself. Compete with others. You have to seek distinction. This doesn’t mean you’re putting anyone else down. This means that you’re reaching to be someone impactful.

Create a tombstone that says something more than: John Doe. Born this day. Died this day. Make a name for yourself. In the West, a husband gives their name to his wife. A woman is honored to live under your good name.

Give Up Escapism

LeBron is extraordinary. Daily life is ordinary. Average people are escapists. Some people escape by numbing themselves with entertainment. Or, they escaped through alcohol and drugs.

If your behavior demonstrates that you have a love for drinking, alcohol and drugs; if your behavior demonstrates that you have a love for those things, then your behavior also demonstrates that you have a lack of love for yourself. Or, you are trying to escape being yourself, being inside of your mind and your body. You’re trying to get out of your skin. That’s what drugs and alcohol do. They take you away from your reality. The objective in not being average, not being a loser, in being a competitor, being the LeBraun of your pursuit is to create a reality you love living in.

I can assure you that if you fail to do the hard work today, then that work will be piling up, waiting for you. No such thing as running away from a fight. You’ve only delayed it. It’ll be back. Take today seriously. Take every day seriously. When I wake up in the morning, I plan my day and I ask myself in five years, what would be ideal for me? How would I be the happiest I could possibly be? And then I start designing my day to achieve that. I conduct my activities today in the reality that I desire five years from now. Do not delay. Feel, think and walk like a millionaire today.