Training The Mind – Memorization & Discipline

You might ask me how can you memorize a book? By rereading this shit over and over again. By rewriting it over and over again. By saying it out loud over and over again. As a result, a decade later I can quote the Master Sun Tzu. I can tell you, the master Sun Tzu says, “Though haste can be folly, delay is never wise”. Which is to say, get that shit in today. Don’t hold back. Get after it. I can tell you, the Master Sun Tzu says, “Attack soldiers in the evening when they are dull and homesick.” Which is to say: go at your enemy when they’re weakest, don’t go at them in the morning they have all their energy. Go out them at the end of the day when they’re tired from marching.

“The Master Sun Tzu says, You are infinite you begin and end again like sun and moon. You leave and return again like the Four Seasons.” I can go on and on and that’s ten years ago I started to memorize that. The mind becomes strong when you make it. There’s not a motherfucker on the planet Earth who was born a genius. I don’t give a shit what people say about IQ, hard work, IQ, every time. I can remember the fucking quotes cause I went over them again and again and again. Why? Cause I knew it was valuable knowledge to soak up with the master Sun Tzu had written down for all of mankind. He’s called the master Sun Tzu: a master. So why would I be so ignorant and foolish not to soak it up so much that it’s tattooed on my brain? I don’t get tattoos on my skin. I got many tattoos on my brain and I can remember it and keep going on quote for quote cause it’s stuck in there. And how did I do that? By reading it, by writing it, by reciting it over and over again till it wouldn’t come out. They say the difference between an amateur and a professional is that an amateur practice is until they get it right. A professional practices until they can’t get it wrong. That is the intensity.

You must have people who are successful in one area of life, high performance. If you watch them do something else, they generally do it really well because they’re intense and detail oriented. Elon Musk his first company was PayPal. Now he’s doing SpaceX. Now he’s doing Tesla, a car company, a rocket company, a payment processing company. Why? Is it because he knew about all this shit? No, because he has an intense attention for details. He knows how to create systems and go back through this scientific process of success. It’s a process. No one just starts and gets it right. It’s very rare and he doesn’t waste time. He’s focused and doing things that are meaningful.

People are always talking about. Do what you’re passionate about. Sometimes what you’re passionate about does not pay. So, I’m telling you to do what pays.

Do what pays because no one loves you as a man when you go broke. Do what makes a buck and let me let you know if you’re a disciplined man, you don’t have to love what you’re doing when you’re a disciplined man, you can make yourself loving, God damn it. You think I love running? And whether that’s 103 degrees where there’s no fucking coolness in the shade, hell nah. But if you ask me while I’m doing it, I’m gonna tell you I loved it. If you like it, I love it. So another thing, I wanna talk about mindset and I’m gonna get to your questions too. I literally will lock myself in my closet, and my closet is probably bigger than yours, granted. But if you have a decent sized closet, I’ll go in my closet or sit down on my feet or close the door and turn out the lights and I will visualize stacks of cash money I like money, cash. stacks of cash. Money everywhere. All over the closet, everywhere I look money all over the place. I visualize that and I just focus on that. And then I visualize what I have to do to get this money because there’s certain things I know if I do this, I get paid. But I visualize doing those tough things. I visualize sitting at my computer doing that. I visualize writing that book. Whatever the task is, I go through it in detail, especially the parts that I don’t like because just like boxing, that’s why I love boxing is a great metaphor for life. When you get punched hard, that’s when you wanna quit.