How to Avoid Distraction (Goal Focus)

When you have no plan, you can’t be distracted as you have no focus. Distraction is actually your primary state of being; your phone rings, you check it, your mom calls you talk. Most people are aimless. Which is to say, your mind is not as much distracted as it is without purpose.

You’re not distracted. You’re without purpose.

You have failed to define a goal in the area of health, wealth and relationships.

If at any moment I ask you what is your goal in the area of wealth and you cannot define it clearly and tell me how you’re progressing, you are making a mistake. You are aimless. If you do not have a goal, so you’re not actually distracted. You’re without purpose. That is one of the greatest things ailing humankind today. In the past our purpose is defined by the greater society, defined by our culture, may be defined by our religion.

Everyone today has to be an entrepreneur, which is to say a driver of the self. In the past, women had greater purpose. They wanted to be a wife and a mother. These were their greatest pursuits. Some of them went to university to get an education and to meet a husband. But today they wander, blind in a valley of despair. Getting to the bag, but what are you going to use the bag for? They have not a clue. So that is the first way we find ourselves distracted, which is essentially we have not defined a purpose.

The second condition of being distracted is when one actually has a goal. You have a goal, but you allow something to take your mind away from that goal. Those are the two conditions of distraction, the second one being more favorable.

You must have a script to stick to the script.


i. Find the script: Use next lesson to define 10 Day Wealth Goal Sprint

Goal should be in the form of a 10 day sprint. Why? You need to be intense about it every single day.

ii. Review your script explicitly at the start of your work day following exercise each morning.

iii. Journal at the end of each night even if only a couple sentences on what transpired in the day. Consider notes in areas of health, wealth, relationships. Here is an technology for your convenience: