Getting Out of a Rut

Escaping a Pattern or Rut

You should be willing to do something drastic or crazy if you must escape a pattern or rut. Sometimes that involves cutting people off. Kicking people out of your life. Whether it’s a friend, family member or a romantic interest. Sometimes it involves changing your surroundings in a literal sense, in the physical sense, whether it’s taking a vacation, taking a holiday, moving to a new neighborhood, hanging out with different people.

Massive action is often required to land yourself at a new outcome. Sometimes you have to change environment to change your thinking. But what you cannot do is keep trying the same actions, hoping for different outcomes. When you have a goal, that means you’re seeking an outcome you currently don’t have in hand, so why would the behaviors you exhibited in the past lead you to a situation you’ve never had. They won’t.

You have to do something extraordinary to get something extraordinary. You must let go of fear of being embarrassed. Let go of fear of people thinking you’re weird and thinking you’re different. I’m not encouraging you to be weird, but certainly you would be different to be a high achiever. Most people are losers at heart. In fact, I even secretly think that they want to lose even when they say they want to win, they don’t really want to win. But you have to be obsessed about it. You have to dream about it and think about it and act about it and obsess about it and read about it and write about it. Your goals are something that you have to keep coming back to. Goals should be top of mind all of the time.

Don’t worry about being down bad financially. It may happen again. Hopefully it does this you know it fluctuates but it’s on the uptrend. But one thing I want you all to know is that spirituality, meditation, peace, happiness, that is a choice. That is within your control. And that choice has nothing to do with your bank account.

I can smile no matter how much money I do or don’t have. Happy is the ongoing focus of life. There are a lot of people who have money and are not happy.

I was in a restaurant yesterday when I was approached by an older white couple. The woman says, “We know who you are. You were here earlier today. We were talking with a guy and he said, you know, there was this black, young man who came in, he was wearing a red velvet shirt and he was just the nicest, most down to Earth guy. And he’s a very wealthy guy. You would just never know it to talk to him, so down to Earth and nice.”

She continues, “People usually act like they are too god when they have money. I just wanted to share that story with you. I knew it was you because you’re wearing a red velvet shirt.”

I had a very wealthy, well respected mentor. But he’s very unpleasant. Before I met him, people were warning me about his attitude. You want wealth to look good on you. Even without wealth, can you be a remarkably positive and happy person?