TEMPLATE: Defining Customer Problem for B2B Ventures

A customer problem must be defined and then refined.

Entrepreneur defines the problem initially through observation or expertise.

    The entrepreneur allows the early adopter to refine the problem. The entrepreneur must engage in customer discovery to refine and fully understand the problem. Customer discovery is the process of speaking to many potential customers about their challenges, priorities and business.  Among the many questions you ask, these are critical:

1) How much money could you make if you solved this problem?

2) How much money could you save if you solve this problem?


3) How much time could you save if you solved this problem?

3) How much money would you spend now to solve this problem?


Here is a question that helps you think about the customer’s problems:

A) What jobs does the customer need done?


Keep in mind your product is not ready for mainstream customers at the beginning. Your priority is to identify and pursue early adopters with clear and specific messaging.  Know how the early adopters address their problems today and what they will need tomorrow.  Be able to tell your customer what their problem is and how your solution solves it in a way that makes them money, saves them money, saves them time or allows them to comply with a regulation.