Don’t Allow Fear to Be Your God

The first piece of information that I want you to take to heart is that you mustn’t allow fear to be your God. What I mean by that is we think of God as all powerful. So often, fear becomes all powerful in our lives. Fear is a shapeshifter. It takes on many appearances, and if we’re not being wise, we sometimes have trouble identifying it. And so, we yield and succumb to fear. You’re being ruled by fear, for example. Can you imagine that some people actually fear being successful? Sometimes they start seeing things going in the right direction, then all of a sudden they stop doing. Some women fear being in a good relationship. They meet a good man and they frown on them. They don’t treat them the right way or they ghost them. Yet they say they want the good man. They fear success sometimes, and sometimes we fear things that are easy to fear, like getting into a fighter, having a confrontation. And when I say fear becomes your god, it means that you are responding to fear. You’re allowing fear to control you rather than identifying and acknowledging, hey, this is bothering me. This is causing me a little bit of anxiety. I’m going to confront it and deal with it. Don’t allow fear to be your god. You’re not supposed to necessarily stand up to God, but you should surely stand up to fear which is why fear is not a god. If you are responding to fear as a god, that means that your life will be of little meaning. You will be average because the average person is ruled by fear. That’s why they go to a job that they hate. That’s why they’re scared to take a risk. They’re scared to build a company. They’re scared to learn about product-based business. They’re scared to go talk to that beautiful woman. Fear is all they know. You’re like an animal reacting to fear, not a rational man making a decision on how he lives. They’re not proactive, they’re reactive. Constantly running, running from opportunity, never fighting, fighting for a better life. So don’t allow fear to be your god. Fear roots from irrationality and it drives irrational behavior. Understanding and fighting fear roots from rationality, from logic from practice. Because the human being, by nature, is a fearful little animal. You should be greater than that. You should strive more to be like God than to be human, or to be lower than that as an animal.

Further in addition to strengthening the mind, putting the mind through the necessary disciplines, you must also do that to the body. So the mind and the body must work in parallel, each strengthening the other. And you should understand that one of the biggest challenges with us, especially in the West, is that we are too nice to ourselves. We show ourselves too much mercy which makes you unready for challenge. You see, the reality, especially as a male, is that you are designed for warfare. Consider the fact that you’re significantly larger than the female animal. So as a male human animal, you are designed for warfare. But do you ever put yourself to the test? Especially for those who have not engaged in the combat sports. Do you put your mind to the test? Do you put your body to the test? How many times have you sweated and have that feeling of exhaustion that made you think you might throw up? You ever run until you thought you were gonna shit on yourself? Sounds disgusting, but something you might wanna try to experience one time in life. The reason that I said you must put yourself to the test is because if you do not challenge yourself, if you give yourself too much mercy when a real challenge shows up, you won’t be ready for it. You’ll fall apart. But if you’ve been challenging yourself all along, when a challenge shows up, you’ll be saying to yourself, I do this, this is what I do. You see it’s the difference between getting into a bar fight when you’re a random dumb fuck and getting into a bar fight when you are a trained fighter and you’ve been fighting all week for the last 52 weeks. And so this bar fight you’re thinking OK buddy, if this is what you want, I don’t think you want these problems, but if you feel like you need these hands or you could get them cause I do this. In fact, I was just doing this earlier today. I’m already stretched out and loose. Let’s get it. There’s a big difference in that kind of a fight you already know what the outcome is before you begin and that is how life should be. But the challenge is that we like to sleep on soft pillows in comfortable beds. And you do that to yourself. So what I’m telling you is that if you know yourself, what’s happening around you is actually a very little consequence. If you know yourself, what happens around you is a very little consequence. What I mean by that is if you’re certain of what’s inside of you, you don’t have to be fearful about what’s outside of you. You don’t have to be fearful of other men. You don’t have to be scared to talk to a beautiful woman, because you know who you are, you know what your value is, and you know that you can deliver the goods.

Importance of Mental and Physical Strength

Another thing you must be conscious of is that sometimes you fail to see and acknowledge your blessings. Last night at dinner one of the Saints said to me or could I have this young lady who just keeps contacting me and contacting. What am I to do with her? I first asked well, what is her value? You know, she doesn’t offer value. Then, you know, kick her to the curb. But if she does offer value, then there may be some growth here. There’s an opportunity you must not overlook your blessings which is to say that there are some women who would ignore you and forget about you. This woman has you constantly on her mind. You can do something with that. You know, appear to give her here. I could do something with it you heard me she’s an attentive woman. That is a good quality, and all she’s coming to you for is guidance, which is what a man is for. So, you must appreciate that.

He writes still been at the sweet science since a month ago. Good to hear the sass and rope and hand wraps are truly remarkable. Especially those hand wraps because they are indeed the longest in the world and that jump rope is a gym in a bag always keep mine with me.

Importance of not allowing Fear to control your life

We are in an era where people wear exercise clothes without exercising. It’s called athleisure. I’m a capitalist and I definitely believe in profit. But sometimes we don’t realize what we’re being profited from and almost made fun of athleisure. That’s an oxymoron. It comes from the term athlete or athletic for athletic wear leisure, meaning to relax, to take time off, to not do anything. So how is it you have athletic leisure wear? It’s basically slouchy clothes for fat women who don’t want to do anything, for people who want to look like they’re about it when they’re not really about it, which is to communicate to you that we are in an era of unlimited phoniness. You have so many people wearing designer and it’s fake. They wanna look wealthy without being wealthy. We have charlatans on the Internet who tell you to fake it until you make it, which almost rarely works, which they’re essentially telling you to lie. What is fake it till you make it other than saying lie. Now consider does that actually work? If I were to say hey Mark but I wanna be a boxer, I say OK, fake it till you make it. Go get a professional boxing contract. Sign that contract, don’t do any boxing training. Don’t fight any amateur boxing matches. Become a professional. Go ahead and get into a professional fight faking till you make it. What’s gonna happen? You’re gonna lose and even get hurt. So people are telling you to lie, and somehow you take the advice of those who tell you to lie as though they themselves are not liars. I’m here to bring you truth. I’m here to give you something that you might not want, but you absolutely need the truth. I said that to say don’t fool yourself. On my Instagram there is a image it’s called pyramids of truth. If you’re a member, you’re very fortunate because I actually explained the pyramids of truth image, which is to say that the person you have to tell the truth to, number one, is yourself. You can never get beyond your addictions without admitting to your addictions. You can never understand yourself until you look in the mirror and you acknowledge who you really are. Not who you’re dreaming of being, not who you used to be five years ago, but who you are today. That’s the only way that you can move forward is by starting from reality. Don’t wear gym clothes unless you go into the gym and realize that a man is in control you can’t control everything which you need not control everything, but you can control all of the important things, which is to say that. Even in challenging times, there are great opportunities. Challenging times present opportunities for strong minds. So many great people came out of challenge World War Two, Winston Churchill. Even Adolf Hitler came out of a challenging time. The German economy was depressed, people were in tremendous poverty they were looking for a leader and he rose up, took the opportunity which is to say. When it’s all bad, It’s not even all bad. When it’s all good, enjoy. When it’s all bad, it’s still not all bad. A hustler can hustle as long as you keep your mind and hustle mania. As long as you choose not to live where other people live mentally, but to live in your own world, where it’s always beautiful, where there’s always opportunity, which is to say I don’t live in Mark. I don’t live in America. I live in the United States of Marquettica. I live in Marquette. In Marquett-adelphia there’s just truth and beauty and wealth all over the place. That’s where I keep my mind. I encourage you to do the same which is to say that. You don’t have to accept what the world has presented you when you see a challenge. If you’re a real hustler, you should interpret the opportunity know that as a man, there is a difference between you and woman and child. And it’s a critical difference, which is to say that. When there’s a challenge woman and child may cry, they may fall apart, they may become irrational and unproductive, whereas man should take on calmness, especially in the fires of war, for you have been there before and you know what to do. And that is why woman seeks man, so that she doesn’t have to be calm and unbothered by war, so that she can behave as a woman. She can behave in her feminine nature and let you stand up to that fire because you won’t be burned by it which is to say, you must work on your presence of mind and your toughness. You see, you can’t get tough when the war starts. You have to be tough before the war starts, which is why the master Sun Tzu states victory is to he who is superior in pre engagement calculations, which is to say he who did all the thinking and planning before the problem started and just a side note, anytime you see someone come to attack me, know that they’re attacking you. For me, I am just a representation of what you believe in. You watch me because we share values. We have come together as the SAS and the Saint the center nation so that we can fight against the deficiencies we see in the culture against the sickness and poison. So, when you see someone attack me, make sure you attack them straight away. And I want you to know that if something attacks, you attack it back. Because guess what? People only yield to power. They don’t yield to reason. They don’t yield to doing what’s right. They’re wicked. That’s why they started doing what’s wrong in the first place. So, you cannot communicate through the language of saintliness with those who are wicked.

They don’t understand it. So, you can’t appeal to their reason. Because they are unreasonable. You cannot appeal to their sense of right and wrong because they only know wrong. So, when you see someone attacking me the attack them back, do what you can to undo them. You see someone attacking you, attack them back. Use the most appropriate means to do so. If you are a member at Saint and the sinner, you may have had the good privilege of, you know, having that war room with myself and about 30 other Saints on in real time. We’re all on camera. We discussed how you pick apart your enemies. How you destroy them through different means, I assure you. Anytime you let your enemies breathe. You’re giving them extra time to attack you.

And carrying on with my point earlier about a wise man saying opportunity and challenge. Consider this when it’s snowing, some people die in the snow, or it’s too cold, they’re too weak to deal with it. So, people die in the snow, they’re underprepared the snow came they didn’t have a jacket. They didn’t have gloves, other people when the snow comes, they ski in the snow. They snowboard in the snow. They enjoy the snow. They’ve mastered the snow. They were prepared. That’s what you should understand, that the snow doesn’t have to kill you. You can ski in it. And to be able to do that, you must understand the world outside, and you also must understand the world inside, which is human nature, your nature as an individual as well know that human beings are fearful, weak, and negative. The average person is fearful, weak and negative.

It helps you in planning the challenge is that you allow so many of your days to get away from you. People say life is short. I think that’s a silly thing to hear from someone who has not lived a complete life. You can only estimate if life is short if you’ve lived an entire life. You see, I can tell you that a run is short only after I’ve ran the entire course. So those are the words of a foolish person who’s repeating a cliche, which is why most people should shut up, sit down, and listen to one who has real wisdom. That being the case, every day that you do have is value, whether we know how many days you will have or not. The reason that you should really invest into your days is because you don’t know when life will be snatched from you and it can be snatched from you from circumstance, earthquake, psychopath who jumps out of the shadows, betrayal of a spouse, you never know. You don’t know when life will end. So, while you do have life, you should put everything you can into making it great, making your name great, especially if you’re a man every day you should start creating tomorrow, today.

  1. Don’twasteyourtimedoingthingsthatyouhate,especiallyifyouliveintheWest,it’snot necessary.
  2. Do not do things that are not aligned with your dreams. There was a woman that was on the Saints City podcast recently and she said that her son was eighteen, was working at Chipotle, I told her that would not be a good idea. She didn’t ask me why if a multimillionaire told me that wasn’t a good idea, I’d be curious anyways. The point is this unless that young man plans on being in the hospitality or food and beverage industry, working at Chipotle is completely out of line with his actual goals. My understanding is that he wants to go into the military. What does Chipotle have to do with the military unless he plans on being a line cook in the military? So, what I’m saying to you is that everything you do should be aligned to a goal. You should be goal oriented.

And once you really soak up this ISM and live it in your daily life, I promise you the way you look at situations and even the way you interact with people will be radically different. When I’m listening to women, often I’m looking at them thinking, why are you still talking? This has nothing to do with anything that we’re working on. This is small talk which is why I much rather have two wives that you guys can go talk to each other about. The bullshit come back to me. You need to talk about something relevant or unless you got a good joke, which they rarely do, but every now and then they do. So, the point is sayings. I summarize by saying. Do not do anything that is not aligned with your goals. Do not waste your time doing things that you hate doing. Do not waste your time doing things that are not aligned with your dreams. Time is precious. You must invest your time the same way you would invest a dollar.

Further, I challenge you to find something that you can be above average at. There was a time I was dealing with a female actually I’ve dealt with many females who have disappointed me, I really shouldn’t be disappointed, for I know that I should have low expectations for the average human society. But recently, a young lady, I couldn’t even bear to have a conversation with her of why I can’t deal with her. I hope she understands it’s just that she’s average. Not average because of a circumstance of birth, but average because she chooses to be. We could all be extraordinary at something. But she’s average. There’s a time in the past had a conversation with the young lady and I asked her I said, do you not think you’re average? And she said, of course I’m not average. I’m above average. I said, OK, well, what are you above average at? You didn’t go to extra like you didn’t go to prestigious universities. You’re not above average educationally. You don’t have a fancy job you’re not above average, professionally or economically with your income. You’re not a fine athlete, so you’re not an above average physical specimen. You’re a good looking woman, but you’re not like a supermodel. So, what are you above average at? Like, what makes you above average other than your mind wanting to feel as though you’re someone special? Cause we all want to think we’re someone special. I’m sure your mother told you are special, just like mine, but it’s a lie most of the time. So, what makes you above average? And you know, she seemed to retreat into deep thought and couldn’t come up with anything. Now that’s a really sad thing. But it’s an important question that we should ask ourselves. What are we above average at? What can I do that no one else can do? The answer to that question could lead you to great fame and fortune or could lead you to higher self esteem. You see? You should find out something that you can do above what the average person can do. Because in that experience, you learn yourself and that experience, you separate yourself from the average person. That experience, you earn the right to a higher income. You earn the right to say you’re better than A, guess what? We are not all equal. That’s a lie. There’s no such thing as equality. I teach you to understand hierarchy because hierarchy is the truth and it is important. That’s why when I go to a resort, the service people, even if they’re older than me, they say, Mr. Burton, because we’re in a hierarchy and I’m above them in the hierarchy. That doesn’t mean I should be a jerk or be unpleasant, but that means that they’re acknowledging the existing hierarchy in that space. So, you’ve been lied to. You’ve been told that you’re all equal. No, you’re not whatever respect or accolade you want, you gotta earn that. You gotta show… You gotta show so that they know, huh? Especially if you look like me because I could tell you most black guys are broke and trying to look wealthy. So, when the real one shows up who’s actually wealthy, they don’t even believe it. They try to treat me like garbage half the time. I gotta let them know that they’re talking to the big homie you dig that? But I don’t hate them because I understand that I’m wearing the appearance of many who are slackers, huh? And that’s why I’ve created the Sass, so that those who choose to soak up the ISM can grow intellectually,

educationally, financially, spiritually. I’m doing my part. But I say that, I say, oh, what I’ve said to say this to you be above average at something. If you go out and jump rope and the average person can jump rope for like 3 minutes try to get to 4 minutes. If the average person can run 2 miles, try to run 3 miles. Everything you do, you have to seek an edge. You have to seek distinction. This doesn’t mean you’re putting anyone else down. This means that you’re reaching to be something meaningful. This is this is you trying to create a tombstone that says something relevant other than John Doe born this day, died this day cause a lot of people when they drop dead, nobody really cares. Their kids care ‘cause they won’t have that parental support, but beyond that nobody cares. Make sure when you drop dead, something special will be taken out of the world. Make sure for the day that you’re actually on this earth, walking around and being you, that means something to someone other than your mom and dad. What I’m saying is, go be something. Be remarkable so people have to talk about you. Oh man, that guy and that guy can do this. That guy’s extraordinary. That guy is… You know, I’m saying like your name has to mean something. That’s what I’m telling you, especially if you’re male. That is why the male in the West gives their name to the female and the female, whose feminine and traditional is honored to live under your name. Because when people hear your name, they’re like, oh, there’s some put some respect on his name and everyone and everything associated with it. That’s what it’s about. So don’t live as a loser.