Don’t Allow Fear to Be Your God

We think of God as all powerful. So often, fear becomes all powerful in our lives. Fear is a shapeshifter. It takes on many appearances, and if we’re not being wise, we sometimes have trouble identifying it. And so, we yield and succumb to fear.

You are being ruled by fear. Do you know that some people actually fear being successful? Sometimes they start seeing things going in the right direction, then all of a sudden they stop doing what is bringing them success. Some women fear being in a good relationship. They meet a good man and they don’t treat them the right way or they ghost them. Yet they say they want a good man. Sometimes we fear things that are easy to fear, like getting into a fighter, having a confrontation.

Understand the nature of the fear that impacts you. Sometimes you fear a greater level of success because of the mystery. Who will my new friends be at that level? How will my family treat me as a wealthy person?

When I say fear becomes your god, it means that you are responding to fear. You’re allowing fear to control you rather than identifying and acknowledging it.

During your nightly record/reflection you should ask:

What is bothering me?

Write it out or record it.

Don’t allow fear to be your god. Take action on the fear. The average person is ruled by fear. That’s why they go to a job that they hate. They’re scared to build a company. They’re scared to learn about product-based business. They’re scared to go talk to that beautiful woman.

Fear is all they know; animals reacting to fear, not a rational man making a decision on how he lives. They’re not proactive, they’re reactive. Constantly running, running from opportunity, never fighting, never fighting for a better life. So don’t allow fear to be your god. Fear roots from irrationality and it drives irrational behavior. Understanding and addressing fear roots from rationality, logic and practice.

DAILY MANTRA: What would I do if I was not scared at all?!

Do NOT delay. What step forward can I take NOW?