Visualization & Mental Preparation

Visualization and Mental Preparation

So I visualize getting hit hard by life, getting hit hard in the boxing ring. And I visualize continuing on the path because if you’ve ever started boxing or you look at amateur boxers who are new to the sport, you notice when they take a flurry of punches, they start swinging crazy, or they start retreating, or they start like wanting to quit, or they hit the canvas and they don’t get up. A trained boxer expects to get hit. A real man expects life to have challenges. So a trained boxer, when they start taking off punches, they cover up. They know how to block, they expect it. Why? Because they train for it. They’ve been through it physically. They’ve been through it mentally. That’s why I do two things. And knowledge is gold. Because when you read a book, you get to pick the brain of geniuses, accomplishment you’ll never meet in your real life, Russell Simmons writes, “there are two things there’s prayer and there’s meditation”.

  1. Prayer is when you’re asking God to help you. Prayer is when you’re speaking to something beyond you saying help me out, make a way from me.
  2. Meditation is when you’re asking yourself. Meditation is when you’re saying I can do this, you’re talking to your damn self saying Marquett, you’re a bad motherfucker and I need you to get all of your energy together to achieve the following goal.
    Meditation is when you talk to your God damn self, absolutely you need to pray but you damn sure better meditate too and talk to your God damn self talk to the God inside of yourself. You’re a bad motherfucker. Remind yourself of who you are and demand of yourself that you get the job done. You might pray. That’s all well and good, but don’t forget to meditate. I always make sure that I meditate