Bosses Do NOT Manage Time

A business man does not spend time, he invests time.  Who are you investing time with? What places are you investing time in? During what part of the day is a time investment in a given activity most impactful? And, most importantly, question if all tasks are worth investing time in?

Quick or Quality Time Principle

After deciding to do a task, always ask yourself: Is this an activity that must be simply completed with no check for quality. Or, is this an activity in which quality can yield me a benefit?  If the case is the former, complete the task as quickly as possible. Race toward the finish line.  If the latter is the case, be careful, and strive to be the best!   

Time & Life Rules

  1. Don’t waste your time doing things that you hate, especially if you live in the West, it’s not necessary.
  2. Do not do things that are not aligned with your goals. There was a woman that was on the Saints City podcast recently and she said that her son was eighteen, was working at Chipotle, I told her that would not be a good idea. She didn’t ask me why. If a multimillionaire told me that wasn’t a good idea, I’d be curious. The point is this: unless that young man plans on being in the hospitality or food and beverage industry, working at Chipotle is completely out of line with his actual goals. My understanding is that he wants to go into the military. What does Chipotle have to do with the military unless he plans on being a line cook in the military? So, what I’m saying to you is that everything you do should be aligned to a goal. You should be goal oriented.

Maximize Down Time

You might see me vigorously typing on my mobile phone. I’m working on my next book from my mobile phone during my downtime. If am at a restaurant waiting for my food. I’m writing my book, I’m utilizing that downtime. To a peon it is instagram time, to a boss it is time to build a money machine.

Focus, Discipline and Purpose

You spent a lot of time on your phone? You made a lot of money? What do you have to show for it? If you invested time did not yield profit in the areas of health, wealth or relationships it was a waste.

If you earned money but did not spend it on anything meaning you failed. Rather, you squandered it or gambled it or got tricked out of it, then you failed. Always ask, what do I have to show for it? For your time, effort, attention and capital invested. You are an investor.

Life is about getting out in the game, getting out in the world, getting in the mix. People ask me how to find your purpose? You find your purpose through experience. You must go out and get experience. You won’t find your purpose sitting on your ass in front of a computer or watching Netflix. I don’t want to hear about Kanye West running for president, that’s a waste of your time to even tell me that. It’s a waste of time.

I hate to hear it and I hate to say it but: time is running out. Do not doubt yourself right now. You need to be pushing yourself to the limit. You may wonder about how to get disciplined. You get disciplined when you get serious about something. You need one or two sides of the puzzle, which is either side A: I do not want to look at my life and think, wow, it’s been unremarkable. Wow, I don’t have anything to pass down to my kids. Wow. I spent 365 days this year. And if someone asked me what did I accomplish in ___year, I can’t pick a specific thing because I didn’t have a specific goal. I’d rather you failed big. I rather you fuck up big than have not done anything.

Today someone was asking about Bernie Madoff, which is basically a guy who had a billion dollar Ponzi scheme that robbed a bunch of rich people. I’d much rather have you be a big time criminal. Then a small time, nobody. Understand this life is for living. I don’t want you to die before you’ve lived. Don’t sit on your ass at home. Don’t ask me how to be disciplined.Pick a goal and work your ass off toward it.

Manipulate your own emotions. : the woman you want; how much more will she want you if you achieved your goals? If you fail to be remarkable, you fail to achieve your goals. It’ll be harder for you to take her out to dinner cause you can’t afford it. You won’t have much to talk about because you haven’t done much. Don’t you want to be a fascinating man? Don’t you want to be able to tell a bitch yeah, “You never been in Dubai? It’s gorgeous. Like you can like, oh, you never been to Morocco? Have you ever seen the movie Aladdin? It has that same spirit, like when you go out to a roof in Morocco and you look out, there’s nothing familiar. You can hear the flute. You know that flute that they played when they make the snake dance? Yeah, you can hear that shit in real life out in Morocco. Like it has to be like you can talk about shit that people haven’t seen. Don’t you wanna be a Renaissance, man?

If you want to live an extraordinary life you must say: I’m tired of living yesterday, today and tomorrow the same way where I can’t tell them apart because nothing happened. I’d rather you guys go spit some bad game at a girl and get shut down then watch her walk by every God damn day. I’d rather you guys go spit some game out of girl and embarrass yourself. Then be ashamed cause you didn’t get the guts that at least say hi how you doing? I can’t have you sitting on your ass after taking this class. My legacy is one of the action. Taking action. That’s why I hated school. Because you’re sitting in school and you write down all this stuff you learn, all this stuff that you never use. Everything in this course you can use today. And, you should.