• Wash hand prior to eating a meal, if at a restaurant do it immediately after ordering.
  • Upon sitting down place a dinner napkin in your lap
  • Elbows off the table
  • One should never speak with food in their mouth.
  • Wait until every one is seated and served before eating.
    • Ask dinner guests: “What is 1 thing you are thankful for?”
  • Knife cutting edge toward the plate
  • “Please excuse me” when leaving the table


  • Give notice before visiting
  • Do not inquire about their goings or comings.
  • Wipe your feet before entering the home of others
  • Take off your shoes in all homes.
    • Have clean, presentable six

The Role of a Guest

  • If you are invited to a dinner party, never ask to bring a date along. The hostess may have invited only those she can accommodate, so if you live with someone you may say “I’d love to come, although I’m living with someone and I realize you may not have the extra room for another person”.

Good Posture – Sit up straight with shoulders back, chest out and eyes forward.

Proper Public Behavior

  • Mints instead of gum.
  • Cover mouth when yawning
  • After sneezing, hiccupping, or stomach growling say “excuse me”

Personal Appearance – Freshly ironed clothes

A man…

1) Helps a lady when she put on her coat

1.1) When a lady takes off her coat you collect it and put it away.

2) Stands up when a woman enters the room

3) Goes through a revolving door first, pushing it for the woman

4) Allows a woman to enter and exit an elevator first.

Put out your hand to block the automatic elevator door.

5) Steps on an escalator behind the woman.

6) Walks closest to the curb

7) Offers his arm to a woman, if he feels she needs help (walking over rough terrain, etc.)

8) At the theater, lets the woman enter the row first.


  • Always give your male guest the option of the better seating (it is more desirable to look into the room as opposed to the wall).

Ordering a Meal

  • If the menu is written in a language you don’t understand ask the waiter if he recommends a particular non beef/pork entrée for you.
  • If you need to get the waiter’s attention and can’t catch his eye, ask another waiter to send him to your table. 
  • Any complaints about food or services should be made discreetly to the waiter. It is better to have food sent back to the kitchen without making a fuss than to eat something not up to standard.

The Role of the Guest

  • If you arrive early leave the rolls and bread on the table untouched.
  • Don’t order the most expensive item or the least expensive
  • It is not up to you to address the waiter other than to ask questions while ordering your meal.

Host and Guest in Public View

  • Man never wears a hat inside no matter how informal the restaurant is.
  • If you’re unsure of the necessary attire for the restaurant call and ask.
  • If you see someone you know in a restaurant it is extremely rude to leave your table to talk to someone.

Miscellaneous Pointers

  • The man should never forget to have an umbrella in bad weather.
  • Silence mobile electronic devices
  • Never pile your plate simply return for a second helping.
  • If you leave to the men’s room place your dinner napkin in the chair and push the chair in.
  • At the conclusion of  a meal place your dinner napkin to the left of your plate unfolded.

Do’s and Don’ts at the Table


  • Leave a coffee or ice tea spoon in your glass if there’s no saucer, holding it to one side with your finger. Don’t put it on the table cloth.
  • Never pick up a dropped utensil or anything else from the floor of a restaurant. Let it be and ask the waiter for a replacement.
  • Put your fork and knife across the center of your plate on a diagonal slant when you have finished eating.


  • Don’t drink with food in your mouth
  • Don’t wipe a dirty utensil with a napkin; ask the waiter to replace it.
  • Don’t discuss money


  • When giving a gift always include a note with it
  • If you give cash give some kind of personal insignificant gift to accompany it, like a pair of colorful sox..


  • When giving a tip look the person in the eye and express your appreciation as you hand it to him.

Car Etiquette

  • Open door for women when getting into the car
  • Help the elderly out of the car
  • Never eat in anyone’s car