Managing Low Quality Persons; Importance of High Value Friends

Associate with those who bring out your best feather, those who have the life you wish to earn for yourself. Have friends that make you say, “How did he do that?” If they don’t tell their secrets watch and learn. Good friends and associates will bring wealth to your life. Be among those who speak optimism and encouragement. Being around smart people makes you smarter. 

Those who are not achievers have low standards. And because they are not expanding their own limits, they surely won’t push you to grow. Secretly, they do not want you to get in shape while they are not in shape. Do what it takes to start relationships with people oriented in the same direction. Your associations can be your greatest asset or the heaviest anchor. Increase the number of exceptional persons you interact with, however, few you may find around you. Those who embrace learning.

The most futile effort you can make is to put thought, hope and energy into hoping that average people will be something more than they are; or, to expect anyone will be something other than what they regularly are at their core.    

Your goal is not to be agreeable and charming, rather honest and comfortable in being who you are among those who share your best qualities and possess those traits which you seek to have.     When around unimpressive people, stay goal oriented in your conversation. Allow them to help you work out your more simple trifles. This keeps conversation simple, flowing and useful. It is a limited joy you must have with thoughtless people…or any people.

Most of your time must be used in pursuit of your goals, time in solitude practicing and reflecting.    Remember, unless you are really achieving your recorded goals in a given situation. You are in and out! Don’t wait until you get the “you’re wearing your welcome out,” instead, when things reach a high in entertainment, you say, “I must be getting along, thank you for having me.”