4 Keys to Success

I share with you steps you can take today that are easy to do. 

Success Key #1: Get Real

Getting real means that you say to yourself, “I am responsible. I have been responsible for all that has gone wrong and I am responsible for all of that I will make go well.”

When you wake up, know that you are the one. Start the day with a decision to be strong. Why? Because your life depends on you.  Average people and nourish their ego in psyche with excuses. Successful people deal with the truth. For example, if you are not getting what you want out of your body, consider what you are putting into your body.

Your body is not shredded and hard because you are ingesting grease and sugar. Get real. Your lack of capital is a result of what you have failed to do. But, this moment you can begin with the actions that will start you down the road to abundance. Getting real means acknowledging that you let go of a woman you could’ve spent your life with because you did not feel worthy. Or, because you were losing too much money in the casino. Or, you lost a real friend because you were envious and started hating on them.

Ultimately, getting real means being accurate in yourself reflection, not self-deprecating or self-aggrandizing. And, this is for the purpose of focusing on what is within your locus of control and getting started. 

Success Key #2: Write Down Your Goals

    Write down three goals. Limiting yourself to three goals that you can check on everyday is best. Use your goals to guide your life. I assess whether I want to associate with someone based on if they have goals of their own. 

Success Key #3: Use Your Emotions

Winning at the highest levels requires that you leverage your emotions.  You must get excited about the work that you have the privilege of doing. You must find ways to make yourself fanatical about achieving your goals. Everyday I wakeup like I have nothing and hustle like I want everything. Each day I think about dropping in glory when I strut across that boxing ring with my fists held high. Then I train more intensely. Everyday I imagine the shame and depression of not making progress in my business and how my ex girlfriends would feel validated in jumping ship if I slow up. And then I say, “No, Siiiirrr!” and work feverishly. Emotions are what drive us! 

Success Key #4: Flock with Birds of the Appropriate Feather 

Associate with those who bring out your best feather, those who have the life you wish to earn for yourself. Good friends and associates will bring wealth to your life. Be among those who speak optimism and encouragement. Being around smart people makes you smarter. 

Those who are not achievers have low standards. And because they are not expanding their own limits, they surely won’t push you to grow. Secretly they do not want you to get in shape while they are not in shape. 

Do what it takes to start relationships with people oriented in the same direction. I recommend signing up for a conference. Remember, high value people are busy, it’s worth spending $700 to get some good advice or guidance that can save you much more money and time.