3 Keys to Success

I share with you steps you can take today that are easy to do. 

Success Key #1: Get Real

Getting real means that you say to yourself, “I am responsible. I have been responsible for all that has gone wrong, and I am responsible for all of that I will make go well.”

When you wake up, know that you are the one. Start the day with a decision to be strong. Why? Because your life depends on you.  Average people nourish their ego and psyche with excuses. Successful people deal with the truth. For example, if you are not getting what you want out of your body, consider what you are putting into your body.

Your body is not shredded and hard because you are ingesting grease and sugar. Get real. Your lack of capital is a result of what you have failed to do. But, in this moment you can begin with the actions that will start you down the road to a better life.


  1. Stop gambling your money!
  2. Make/use a plan for your money.


  1. Almond milk is giving your gas. What are you going to do?
  2. Your wife keeps bringing candy into the home. Forbid this.


Getting real may mean that even though it hurts, for you to get to the next level of happiness you need to let go of your current woman.

1. Start a lease for your own apartment.

2. Have a conversation with you woman of 5 years about the step you are taking to add a woman to your family.

Loyalty is critical. Relationships are a source of wealth, also a source of health, also a source of emotional stability. You must have relationships. Your relationships also must be tested. If you are friends with someone or if you are in family with someone. You don’t betray them and you don’t speak against them unnecessarily.

Ultimately, getting real means being accurate in your self-reflection, not self-deprecating or self-aggrandizing. Take data! Whether it involves numbers or your nightly journal. And, this is for the purpose of focusing on what is within your locus of control and getting started. 

We are in an era where people wear exercise clothes without exercising. It’s called athleisure. I’m a capitalist and I definitely believe in profit. But sometimes we don’t realize what we’re being profited from and almost made fun of. Athleisure. That’s an oxymoron. It comes from the term athlete or athletic for athletic wear. Leisure, meaning to relax, to take time off, to not do anything. So how is it you have athletic leisure wear? It’s basically slouchy clothes for fat women who don’t want to do anything, for people who want to look like they’re about it when they’re not really about it, which is to communicate to you that we are in an era of unlimited phoniness. You have so many people wearing designer and it’s fake. They want to look wealthy without being wealthy. We have charlatans on the Internet who tell you to fake it until you make it, which rarely works. They’re essentially telling you to lie. What is fake it till you make it other than saying: lie. Now consider does that actually work?

If you were to say that you want to be a boxer. And I say, OK, fake it till you make it. Go get a professional boxing contract. Sign that contract, don’t do any boxing training. Don’t fight any amateur boxing matches. Become a professional. Go ahead and get into a professional fight faking it till you make it. What’s going to happen? You’re going lose and even get hurt. So people are telling you to lie, and somehow you take the advice of those who tell you to lie as though they themselves are not liars.

I’m here to bring you truth. I’m here to give you something that you might not want, but you absolutely need the truth. I say that to say don’t fool yourself.

Pyramids of Truth

The person you have to tell the truth to, number one, is yourself. You can never get beyond your addictions without admitting to your addictions. You can never understand yourself until you look in the mirror and you acknowledge who you really are. Not who you’re dreaming of being, not who you used to be five years ago, but who you are today. That’s the only way that you can move forward is by starting from reality.

Success Key #2: Write Down Your Goal

     Limiting yourself to 1 goal that you can check on everyday. Use your goal to guide your life. I assess whether I want to associate with someone based on if they have goals of their own. Your relationship pursuits are achieved within the context of your wealth goal. Health is a daily standard.

Success Key #3: Use Your Emotions

Winning at the highest levels requires that you leverage your emotions.  You must get excited about the work that you have the privilege of doing. You must find ways to make yourself fanatical about achieving your goals. Everyday I wakeup like I have nothing and hustle like I want everything. Each day I think about dripping in glory when I strut across that boxing ring with my fists held high. Then I train more intensely. Everyday I imagine the shame and depression of not making progress in my business and how my ex girlfriends would feel validated in jumping ship if I slow up. And then I say, “No, Siiiirrr!” and work feverishly. Emotions are what drive us!