Customer Segments: Defining Early Adopter

1) What demographic of consumers or types of businesses would be most excited to use your MVP (minimum viable product)?

Traits to consider when defining your early adopter:

If you are selling to consumers:

Age range (Ex: 18-24 year olds): _________________________________________________________

Gender: ______________________________________________________________________________

Income level: _____________________________________________________________________________

Ethnicity: ______________________________________________________________________________

Region (Ex: Undergrads on campuses with 20k+ enrollment): _____________________

Education level (Ex: STEM student  pursuing BA): ________________________________

If you are selling to other businesses:

Stage of the business (startup, high growth, fortune 500 etc): _____________________

Type of Business (Community Colleges, Private High Schools etc.):________________

Range of Revenue Business Generates: __________________________________________

Region: _____________________________________________________________________

If your customers and users are different, please define an early adopter for each category. However, it is wisest to pursue captivating your early adopter user first.  Some businesses will have both users and customers. For example, Fletch’s users are college students while its customers are colleges. Colleges purchase the licenses to the Fletch platform though Fletch is used by college students.


Our early adopters are undergraduates majoring in STEM at colleges with 20,000 or more students.  

The early adopter of my MVP (minimal viable product) is