3 Areas of Life to Manage




These are the three most important areas of life. Maybe today you’re struggling the area of wealth. You say your money is not where you want it to be. Let’s say you had all the money in the world, but you had an health issue. Then you’d be very concerned wouldn’t you? A lot of other things wouldn’t matter at that point. Or say that you had your health together and you had your wealth together. But you don’t have romance. You don’t have love in your life. A life without love is not a good life. A life without relationships with people respect you is not a good life. So these three areas of life are areas that you constantly wanna work on. You might not have them all running at a high level all the time, so know that you’re just trading off on which problem you have at a given moment. So it is the wise man who knows that life will always have child, that you always be set by challenge, but you get to choose on how gracefully you deal with it. The difference between a civilized, wise, James Bond super player and an average person is that even in the midst of fire, we don’t sweat .