Sa Neter is a 60 year old drug addict and black consciousness grifter on Youtube by the legal name of Frank Garry.

Sa Neter speaks of black power but he himself is empowered in no way; begging from the black people to line his own pockets. Observe convicted pedophile Brother Polight confront him on air about him buying fake gator shoes while panhandling from the black people he claims to uplift.

Where does Sa Neter get his money?

Sa Neter, Frank Garry, is a high tech panhandler with big ambitions. He has asked his community for $150,000 to build a legal dream team…to fight what? It is unclear. The following points are worth noting from his GoFundMe campaign:

“He doesn’t hesitate to sit with the gangs and the ex-cons who want their stories heard.”

“Sa has been the one man bringing black thought, black philosophy, black minds, and black entrepreneuralship to the forefront”

“Sa Neter is always reluctant and moves with great reservation when it comes to asking the people to give their hard earned money in order to help him accomplish a goal,, so when he does ask, please, know that it is very much needed and very much appreciated.”

“The HOK needs funds to hire a serious legal team”

He is a sick decrepit crackhead without eyebrows.

Sa Neter Steals Intellectual Property from other black people.

What is the House of Konsciousness (HOK)?

This outlet would be more aptly named the House of Kon-Artists as it is built on the foundation of theft. He has stolen the intellectual property of black leaders and scholars without compensating them. He is a bootleg DVD salesmen.

Do black people follow or support Sa Neter?

As you can see from his three year old scam to fleece black people from $150,000, while only raising $3,480 over a three year period, he is not supported by the Black community.

Things crackhead black conscious community scammers say:

  • “my people”
  • “family”
  • “sistah”
  • “brotha”
  • “queen”
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