What is Marquettism? What is the ism?


I) Before a meal, ask guests “What is one thing you are thankful for?”  

II) Always greet fellow saints warmly, especially new saints. 

“Peace to the saints!” is a common greeting among us. When you hear this call you respond loudly and enthusiastically with “Peace to the saints!” Following this you should be at attention.

Peace to the saints may also go under the acronym PTTS. Peace To The Saints (PTTS).

III) End gatherings with For the Good of The SASN.

IV) Close lectures, meetings and workshops with The Creed of The SaSN.


The Two Ideals

  1. Saint is my primary identity, superseding all other identities (race, ethnicity, nationality)
  2. Nuclear Family :

        A household consists of a single male leader (typically a husband under SaSN law). There may be no more than one husband (one who is born a male), along with any number of wives (born female) all of whom are aware of one another and consent to one another’s existence.  


  1. Reward and punishment occur during life.
  2. “We do not grow larger by making others smaller.” -MDB
  3. “To stand for something is to stand against something.” -MDB
  4. “Be gasoline, not a roadblock.” -MDB
  5. “Get to work positively impacting those within your reach.” -MDB
  6. “We must fight that which is unnatural.” -MDB
  7. “When knowledge becomes air, you will open your eyes and everything you have ever wanted will be there.” -MDB
  8. “A trillion beautiful words do not add up to one deed.” -MDB
  9. “Men should be of few words and many actions.” -MDB 
  10. “Always speak last, never interrupting anyone’s speech. Do not cut anyone off.” -MDB
  11. “Always first consider what the other person is seeking and thinking before you engage or act.” -MDB 
  12. Know the lay of a land before navigating. – The Master Sun Tzu 

Daily Practices

1) Sweat for 30 minutes during exercise

Driving Philosophies



Quotations of Guidance

-“Because we are alike in skin does not make us kin or alike in mind.” -MDB

-“Be around people who are stacking their chips. If they’re stacking their chips, they don’t need your chips.” –MDB

-“Happiness comes from progress.” -Tony Robbins

-“Don’t just look the part, live the part.” -MDB

-“Beauty goes. Money grows.” -MDB

-“On the surface we look different, underneath we are mostly the same.” -MDB

On Human Nature

-“Many have asked me how to be a great speaker. Few have asked how to be a great listener.” -MDB

-“If a female wants to stay with you, she has to play with you.” -MDB

-“Human beings go to extraordinary lengths to appear to be more than ordinary” -MDB

Saints (Men)

1) Take joy in every moment but be a serious man first. 

On Females

-“Dysfunctional societies condition girls to dream about their wedding day. Healthy societies prepare girls for marriage and married life.” -MDB

On Youth

-“We grow a better society when we plant the right seeds in the youth.” -MDB

Recommended Text: The Black Box, by Marquett Davon Burton