Exposing Female Nature

Answering the questions every man has for an attractive woman. 2.
What makes you give different types of treatment to different type of men. Do you treat certain men differently based on who they are? Wealthy man vs average.
3. Ever heard of women watching gay porn?
4. What kind of guy makes you intimidated?
5. What is your dream guy?
6. What turns you off about a guy?
7. How often are you approached in person vs your IG dms?
8. Can a guy successfully get a date with you starting from an IG dm?
9. Is it normal for a good looking women to approach you without being a whore.
10. What makes you want to submit to a man
11. So what differentiates the man you want versus the numerous men chasing you? What makes the one you want stand out from the pack?
12. What kind of guys make a beautiful woman nervous or intimidated?
13. What is #1 important to you in a guy, money, looks or personality or do they need them all?

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