Rules for Woman in Relationship 

  1. Make the bed first thing in the morning. 
    1. Your lady is unable to make the bed if you are still in it. As a man, you should rise up with purpose and begin your day in earnest.   
  2. No reckless eyeballing. Attention should be focused on your man. 
  3. Do not discuss sex or sexual topics with anyone. 
  4. Do not discuss the relationship with anyone.
  5. Do not interrupt peace. 
    1. Consider timing. Do not bring up negative conversations when your man is happy or in a state of peace. 
    2. There is a difference between sharing your perspective and adding weight to man’s experience through complaint or nagging.  
  6. Food
    1. Ensure your man is fed every four hours. 
    2. Prepare a hot breakfast daily. 
    3. Carry healthy snacks. 
    4. Bring your man’s food and set it before him. When his meal is completed take away his food. 
  7. Role 
    1. Grocery shopping. 
    2. Wash dishes 
    3. Male’s never do a woman’s laundry. 
  8. Respect Your Man’s Money 
    1. Be thankful/say thank you
  9. Have Faith 
    1. Be a cheerleader 
  10. Communication 
    1. Do not speak while thinking, settle on a decision and then speak. 
    2. Be not vulgar or masculine in your communication. 
  11. Run a towel under hot and wash of your man after intercourse.

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