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  • Marquett you were absolutely 100% correct in this video. Women do tend to become friends with other females by: Nails, hair, clothes, pretty cars, food, or mentality. I am the type of women that becomes friends with women that are positive and have a “want to learn more” mindset; but I don’t encounter a lot of those females. It’s usually them frowning + ignoring me when I smile at them. How can I be able to differentiate between a good women and a bad women? I am looking for a great female friend or best friend that is open to polygamy with my man and I. or at-least willing to be open to learning about it and the truth; not a female that wants to stay in the fantasy world, but a female that wants to learn & stay in the real world. I do want a sister wife in the future. Thank you so much Marquett for all you do! PTTS.