How to Manipulate Your Own Psychology

Keep your mind focused. I don’t read books that are unrelated to something I’m trying to do. I read books for educational purposes or inspiration.

Psychology must be leveraged to drive you to your goals. You might think it’s only things that are positive that will get you there, but you must also leverage negative psychology. Let me give you an example of what I mean. You might say to yourself, and self talk is critical, you might say to yourself. More clay. You must work hard on the specific goal of putting together enough money to purchase a home in the next 14 days. There’s a goal deadline of 14 days. The goal is to purchase a home. The positive psychology on that, says:

“Marquett wouldn’t you like to have a piece of this earth to call your own? Marquett, wouldn’t you like to have a place where you can bring back your family, your loved ones, where you can host them, where they can have a family home that’ll be in your family for generations.”

That’s a positive side. What do you like to have a piece of property where you could have two homes on it? You and. you wives can all live together and happy union. Would that be beautiful? That’s a positive side.

There’s a negative side that you can use to drive your psychology, which is:

“Marquett well, what does it feel like to be 30 years old? Not own any property not even own a place to lay your head on a permanent basis. What does it feel like? like do you wanna be a grown man and not have your own house? How do you feel, having gone to elite universities and all of your peers, that you went to university with all own their own home. What about you?”

That’s the negative psychology. So you have the, the psychology where you pursue something. You’re pursuing the good feelings of buying this home so that you can house your wives and bring your family and friends together. And you’re also using the negative force of saying, “Hey, you better get moving on this. You don’t wanna fall behind. You don’t wanna be 30 and not have a piece of property.” So those are the two things that you have to be able to use to drive your psychology and drive your spirit.

“So many view me as a thinker, and I am. But, I really pride myself on getting to the action. Let this information rescue you from drowning in thought, because that’s often what we do.”

Pursue or Run

(1:43:58) As I said, the mind must either pursue or run. The mind must pursue the idea of Marquette having a big million dollar house out in Eastern Europe with his women and his family big enough to host his friends. He has to pursue that or run from the idea of being behind his peers, not having a home of his own. Being 30 years old without having a house. So, you have to run from something. You also have to pursue something else. Those are two different driving forces that can you can utilize in parallel for the mind is an engine and you must either use the force of attraction or the force of repugnance and disgust. I would be disgusted at myself to be 30 years old and not have a house. Huh? Still be renting, being in apartment living next to thoughts who do only fans and and are strippers have to go out on my balcony in my apartment and smell cigarette smoke cause my low class neighbor next door is smoking Bing Dings and there’s nothing I can do about it. I’d rather have my own land. The human mind is an engine that can be fueled by. Pain, Fear, love, hate, sex. All different forms of fuel. You can transmute the force and driving energy of sex, or any of the other things I’ve named pain, love, fear, hate. Which is to say that you must know how to use your brain. Just like you use anything else, but most of us have not read the manual, I’m giving you the manual on how to most effectively use your brain to move your feet down the path of success.