2 Most Important Things In Your Day

When you really want something you have to get obsessed about it and when you get obsessed about something, you’ll block out everything else that is non essential. And rarely do we not achieve our goals. We mostly do achieve our goals. The problem is that we don’t have goals. Our goal is nothing because we didn’t set a goal, so we achieved that. When we do have a goal, we almost always achieve it when we’re serious about it, when we’re obsessed about it. I will encourage you to build good habits and discipline on a regular basis so it’s easier to scale up. As they say, if you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready. There are two things that will not be compromised in my day:

  1. Exercise
  2. Working on something that makes me a dollar every single day.

I might go without food or sleep sleep. I might compromise a relationship, a date and engagement. But, I am going to exercise daily. And, I will do something to make a dollar every single day. Make these commitments to yourself.

Boxing is great because while you’re engaging in it, you have to keep telling yourself, yes, this is hard, but I must carry on. It builds that umph in you. So just know that you’re going into something that’s difficult and it is on the other side, of difficulty that we find the greatest rewards.